Glide Magazine "Misty Morning Dew" SONG PREMIERE

After leaving his home state of Iowa, traveling the world, touring over 200 days per year with a band called “The Effects” and opening for acts such as the Kings of Leon, Shinedown, Foreigner, and the Toadies, Jeffrey Krantz made the decision to “live the dream” and eventually landed in Nashville. There, he recorded his first self-produced solo album titled “KRANTZ” in between tapings of MTV’s music competition, American Supergroup, where he eventually became a finalist in the competition. While working nonstop at the Honky Tonks of Music City to reach his musical dream, Jeffrey Krantz (lead guitar, singer) joined forces with Tee Tallent (keys) and Adrian Flores (percussion), all whom he met on the Broadway circuit. Together, the band “Krantz” brings a psychedelic/pop/rock edge equipped with an in-your-face attitude, intertwining meaningful lyrics, and authentic, no-holds rock and roll.

Glide is proud to premiere “Misty Morning Dew”- the latest track from KRANTZ (below) a 90’s tinged alternative rocker that takes the whimsical yearnings of Tiny Music era Stone Temple Pilots, the ringing guitars of R.E.M.’s Monster and flashes of playful retro soul.

“I wrote while I was daydreaming and under the influence of some recreational substances ya might say,” remarks Krantz. “I just kinda envisioned running through my happy place with my favorite girl. Checking out the scenery and knowing I’ll be right behind her as we fall hand in hand into the misty morning dew…”