Krantz Drops New Music Video For “Run Away With Me”

The Nashville based band, Krantz, are a psychedelic rock group with authoritative rhythm and promiscuous lyrics. Lead singer Jeffery “Danger” realized his heightened talent while playing cover bands and singing gigs on Broadway. Believing in himself and his bandmates, the crew has opened for bands like Kings of Leon, the Toadies, and Foreigner, to name a few. Their creativity to branch off and begin their own path of fame has begun with their new hit “Run Away With Me”. 

The song “Run Away With Me” is dedicated to the shadows we live in when we think we can’t escape the rut of the same old same old. This song acknowledges the daily struggle of change, and enlightens listeners that without taking a chance, you’ll always be right where you are. 

The band provides realistic life lessons to a side of rock’n’roll that has never been done before. In their music video, Run Away With, the band takes off in an old Cadillac, picking up members to add to their escape of making new changes. With lyrics like “spent my life just wasting away”, the band confirms the only way to live your life is to try new things, even if they make you uncomfortable at first. 

Krantz is a band of positive influence with a twist of modern edge. From the Beatles, to T-Rex, to Shinedown, they get their inspiration from a range of musicians. As 2018 continues, Krantz is a band to most definitely keep your eye on.