The Daily Country: Essential 8

After leaving his home state of Iowa, traveling the world, touring over 200 days per year with The Effects, who opened for Kings of Leon, Shinedown, and the Toadies, Jeffrey Krantz  made the decision to “live the dream” and eventually found himself in Nashville. Following the release of his self-produced solo album, Krantz  joined forces with Erik Theiling (bass), Tee Tallent (keys) and Monica Lewellen (percussion/vocals), and together they forge a dynamic psychedelic/pop/rock edge equipped with an in-your-face attitude,  provocative lyrics, and no-holds-barred rock and roll groove. Recently, the foursome released the dreamy "Until We Meet Again," from their upcoming EP The Pennock Tapes (April 27th) and here Krantz answers his Essential 8 and talks songwriting, the Beatles, his bucket list items (golf!), and more.
Do you write about personal experience, the experience of others, observations, made-up stories, something else or a combination?
All of the above. Mostly from personal experience I’d have to say, but we have songs about observing other people, as well as some that are talking to someone else, or just about a made up character.

Did you have a musical mentor? If so, who was it and how did they influence you?
The Beatles I’d have to say were the biggest mentors for me, and still are to this day. They cover everything I love about music. Great melodies, words, and interesting music to back it up. I love how eclectic they were as well. I’ve got a love for so many different sounds, and they made it okay to get out there like that.

When/where do you do your best writing?
I’d have to say I do most of my writing at home at night on my old 1970’s Yamaha acoustic. I like to light some candles and incense, get my mind right, and then just see what takes me away.

What’s the most frustrating thing about being on the road?
I’d have to say the parts that are so time consuming, like long drives, and just waiting around at the venue.

Favorite (or first) concert you have ever attended?
That’s a toughie because I’ve seen so many great ones I loved, but one that def sticks out for me was Stevie Wonder. The band was amazing, and somehow we landed floor seats about 11 rows back. Everyone in the crowd was dancing, so you could just forget all your cars and feel the music. It was amazing

Is there a song (of yours) you wish you would have released as a single and why?
There’s actually two from the first self-titled album I really love and kinda wish they could’ve gotten more attention, but oh well.

"What Happened to my Rock and Roll” is so relevant in music today. It’s about exactly what the title says. Rock is pretty dead right now, and the things that influence me that I love from rock of the past, anywhere from the 60s to the 90s, is all gone, or atleast not at all in the mainstream where the general public has access to it. Radio is controlling everybody and mainly playing stuff I can’t really get into.

“Change My Ways” This was a lot of my friends fave song from the first album, but it’s a tricky one to pull off live, so we never released it. Still one of my faves as well.

Which song of yours gets the best crowd response?
Probably "Until We Meet Again." It’s got a groove you just can help but move to, and the wurli sounds crazy trippy.

Is there a professional “bucket list” item you would love to check off?
Definitely would love to tour around the world. Haven’t gotten out of America much, but would love to make a splash over in Europe, as well as other countries, like Japan.  I love to travel and what better way to see the world than doing it while I’m doing another one of my main loves, making music….and I wanna golf everywhere too...